Educational Technology entrepreneur, software developer, and lifelong learner.


Mike has almost his entire 20+ year career at the intersection of technology and education. Now as CEO and co-founder of Headrush Learning, Mike dedicates his time to build and growing a business that whose success is inextricably connected to the most forward thinking in teaching and learning.

An experienced technology leader, software developer and entrepreneur, Mike began his career in technology working as an IT specialist for IBM, where he consulted for many large organizations including Royal Bank, Rogers and Ford. In 2000, he became IT Director at Appleby college, an independent school in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. He spent 9 years building creative solutions for leveraging technology to improve teaching and learning, leading a wide variety of initiatives in infrastructure improvement, professional development and custom software solutions.

In 2009, Mike became Head of Technology and founding member of THINK Global School, a unique international high school that spends each semester immersed in a new location around the world. Mike helped bring TGS from initial concept to a fully accredited high school. During his time at TGS, Mike led the building of a highly mobile, technology-based learning environment. This has included the deployment and integration of iPhone, iPads and MacBooks into the curriculum; extensive teacher training; developing an any-time, any-where, cloud-based infrastructure; and architecting unique custom software for managing admissions, pastoral care of students and day to day learning. Mike’s role gradually expanded to include Strategic Outreach which encompassed marketing, admissions, alumni and other outward facing initiatives.

In 2017, Mike, along with this two co-founders, launched Headrush Learning, a software platform that helps schools, teachers and students become more agile through project-based learning and competency-based assessment. Learn more about Headrush Learning here.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computer Science from Queen’s University in Ontario in 1998 and completed the Queen’s Executive Development Information Technology Program in 2005. Mike is an outdoor enthusiast, avid cyclist and runner and father of three awesome kids.


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